Welcome to the ClashEdit

This is a wiki based on a Story, called Clash. it is a bout a young,emotionally bitter girl who meets two vampires and a pyrokinetic, who make her realize of her psychic abilities and is then pulled into a supernatural between good and evil. To read first chapter; go here: Chapter 1

Clash's main charactersEdit

Part 1- 

Myra Lane : Is prone to easily freak out about many things. She is an 18 year old psychic who adores the lolita fashion and the color pink.

Cliff Faymen : A male vampire who is friendly, but has his obnoxious moments.

Carol Faymen: A female Vampire who has anger management issues and is extremely emotional

Gwendyloane: A dark elf who is extremely friendly and cheerful. Very optimistic

Mort : The mysterious Pyro-kinetic

Latest activityEdit

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