The possible main villain, or atleast, one of the main villains of part 1. He is Cliff's old best friend, now turned enemy. He was in love, or so everyone claims, with Marina Shelvis. He is also a vampire

Clyde Lordelle
Some attributes
First Hair: Dark Brown
Second Eyes: Ice-blue
Third Height: 5'10
Other attributes
Fourth favorite color: Red


He was once a fun-loving, classical teen delinquent. After meeting Marina Shelvis, he grew a sadistic side. He's very sarcastic and enjoys riddles. He has only one person alive that he may trust, Sheva, his right hand. Whether he actually trusts her is actually unknown.


Cliff has dark brown hair that is nearly black. His eyes are ice blue and his skin is pale. His bangs are spiked straight up and the rest has been combed in the direction of the center of his bangs.