Gwendyloane is a very optimistic dark elf. She is also the love interest of Carol Faymen, the tempermental vampress.

Some attributes
First Hair: White
Second Eyes: Lavender
Third Height: 6'3
Other attributes
Fourth favorite color: Brown/Gold


Gwendyloane is a very kind female dark elf. She uses her abilities to conjure dark magic without any consequence as a way to aid everyone she can. She shines the light on as much things as she can. Even Myra, the bitter main character, enjoys her company.


She is very tall. Myra states that she is like an amazon. Her skin is dark grey and her hair is snow white. She has many outfits, but they are in the style of what gypsie's are normally portrayed to wear. She has a circular gem of sorts in the center of her forehead. Her hair is very long, and it has wrapped itself around her body as if it has a mind of it's own. Her ears are long and pointed.