Myra is the main character of the first part of the story, which is also in her point of view.

Myra Lane
Some attributes
First Hair: Pink(dyed) Dark brown(Natural)
Second Eyes: Light green
Third Height: 5'0"
Other attributes
Fourth Saying: "Oh Shit"
Fifth Favorite color: Neon Pink


Myra is very prone to emotional break downs and is also very distant to others. Only a select few have ever even gotten slightly close to her. She's a very angry individual and barely ever hides her opinion on anything. She somehow shows her true self when she first breaks down infront of Carol, Mort, and Cliff. She also finds Gwendyloane and the faerie twins very interesting.


Myra is a short individual and hates it. Her hair is about chin-length and wavy. Her bangs are long enouph to cover both her eyebrows and her entire forehead. She has dyed her hair pink, with the exclusion of the ends which are her natural dark brown hair color. She wears pink lolita clothes and no other fashion. her shoes are victorian styled.

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